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Maryland business owners want esteemed retirement plans for their employees. At Prosper Retirement Partners, LLC, we make that happen. Our team will go over every detail with each plan-client, and come up with solutions that ensure nothing gets overlooked and all needs are met. From the basic plan establishment, to the administration process, to the addition of new records, we cover it all. In addition, our solutions are purposely among the most affordable on the market today. 

Here are some of the ways that we can offer you support:

Brisk & Easy Plan Creation

Our platform simplifies the plan design and implementation process. You may need no more than five minutes to have everything ready to go- compared to weeks with traditional providers.

Up to Date Payroll Data

Some of our Maryland clients use third-party payroll services. Others continue to manage their payrolls in house. Whatever your approach, we make it easy to upload and integrate all the data into our platform, keeping every aspect of the retirement plan, including 401(k) information, current. 

Obtain Institutional Investments

Maryland employers espouse different ideas about investments for their retirement plans. We cover them all. If you like the idea of including mutual funds, we can provide suggestions. The same is true for CITs, ETFs, Institutional funds, or any other investment option. Our solutions will save you valuable time and money.

Thorough Fiduciary Safeguards

We provide complete fiduciary protection for your retirement plan. Our team also ensures that you are fully compliant with all ERISA regulations. That goes a long way to ensure that the plan you offer your employees is above reproach.

Prosper Retirement's Resolution


We consult on plan structuring and features such as setting eligibility requirements, establishing a schedule for contributions, and even regarding profit sharing. You confirm the particulars, we consult in perpetuity.


We take the burden of plan administration off your shoulders. We also make sure your plan operates within the perimeters of all federal requirements and regulations. Our experience as a 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator ensures that we know what to do.


We allow you access to our partners Fi401k Advisors, providing a resource for identifying investments that fulfill your plan's needs. High-quality investments ranging from low volatility, to investments with higher risks and higher returns, you can learn more about a number of options available to you.


Business owners of Maryland know that communication is essential. We'll take care of sending notices and disclosures to all plan participants. For employers, we offer support with the preparation and submission of tax filings. Let us manage the annual non-discrimination test; rest assured we'll provide you with data on the outcome.

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